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10 Facts About The Blue Angels

The Blue Angels are officially ready to return back to the city of Louisville next Saturday for the 25th Thunder Over Louisville. Before you head down to the river in excitement, check out these 10 facts you may not have known about the high-flying Naval aviation team!
Did You Know…..
1. The Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, ordered the establishment of the team on April 24, 1946.
2. The Blue Angels are the second oldest flight team in the world, and the first oldest flight team in the nation.

3. Blue Angels was created to help boost Naval morale, demonstrate Naval air power, and to spark interest in Naval aviation.
4. The Blue Angels recieved their name in 1946 while planning a show in New York. The pilots saw the city’s famous Blue Angel night club in the New Yorker Magazine, and the name stuck.


5. Their very first show was on June 5, 1946 at Craig Field in Jacksonville, Florida.
6. The team of 6 pilots performs an average of 70 shows a year in over 30 different locations.

7. The 6 jets fly incredibly close to each other at many points in the show. During a maneuver called “Diamond 360″, the jets fly 18” away from each other.
8. Their fastest and lowest formation is the “Sneak Pass”, which involves a solo pilot going 50 feet above the ground and going 700 mph!

9. That may seem pretty fast, but that’s nothing compared to the 1400 miles per hour the $21 million plane can go. That’s almost twice the speed of sound!
10. All of the Blue Angel jets are carrier capable, and can be combat ready in less than 72 hours.

 This one of a kind air team is a huge part of Thunder History, and it is an incredible honor to host them this weekend at Thunder Over Louisville, so be sure to head out to Waterfront Park this weekend to check out the one and only Blue Angels!