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Blue Angels arrive at NAF

YUMA, Ariz. – On Wednesday, a U.S. Navy Blue Angels pilot shared with us what it was like to be in his shoes.

Lieutenant Tyler Davies said, “It’s an insane feeling. You’re down there very close to the ground, two to five hundred feet off the ground going by four to six hundred knots. You’ve got buildings going by; you can see people waving, you can see pools, you can see cars, you can see homes. All these different things meanwhile, in the cockpit all I’m sitting here thinking about is focus.”

Davies is one of six pilots who landed Wednesday at Naval Air Facility El Centro.

“The flying is amazing. It’s truly insane to be able to strap on this aircraft and go fly this thing and do many maneuvers that kind of blow people’s minds,” Davies said.

The Blue Angels 51st local air show is to showcase their skills and to inspire.

“Talk about the navy marine corps and what it means to all of us to be able to protect this country, be able to forecast that to the younger generation. Say, hey, look, this is actually a viable opportunity,” Davies said.

The team will conduct 120 flights during their 10-week training, that being possible due to the local weather with clear skies during most of January through March.

“Two and three flights a day, six days a week, is something that you can only accomplish here in El Centro,” Davies said.

After three years on the team, this will be Lt. Davies last year with the Blue Angels. He said it’s been an experience he wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

“Waking up every morning and putting this flight suit on and having the opportunity to showcase what the Navy and Marine Corps can do across the world, is a truly amazing feeling,” Davies said.

The Blue Angels Air Show is on March 10th. It is a free event for the public.

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