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Blue Angels arrive at NAF

YUMA, Ariz. – The U.S. Navy Blue Angels arrived Tuesday in Imperial Valley for training.

The Blue Angels landed Tuesday at Naval Air Facility El Centro. They’re starting a 10-week flight training to prepare for the air show in March. This is their 51st visit to the area.

The Angels came with a maintenance crew of over a hundred. The team will conduct 120 required flights to hone their skills.

17 officers serve with the Blue Angels annually. Lieutenant Tyler Davies described the feeling he gets when he flies an F-18 Blue Angels jet.

“It’s an insane feeling. You’re down there very close to the ground, two to five hundred feet off the ground going by four to six hundred knots. You’ve got buildings going by; you can see people waving, you can see pools, you can see cars, you can see homes. All these different things meanwhile, in the cockpit all I’m sitting here thinking about is focus,” Davies said.

The Blue Angels air show is on March 10th. It’s a free public event.

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