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Blue Angels Arrive in Traverse City Ahead Of National Cherry Festival

The welcoming of sound of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels.
They are calling Traverse City home for the rest of the week.
It’s a return to the air show circuit for the Blue Angels.
The aerobatic group decided the National Cherry Festival was the right place to come back after the loss of Captain Jeff Kuss.
Kuss died in a training crash in Tennessee on June 2nd.
The Blue Angels took time to mourn their loss, going on an operational pause.
But they’ll return to wow crowds this weekend in Traverse City.
9&10’s Caroline Powers is at the U.S. Coast Guard Air Station with more on the Blue Angels’ arrival.
number of people lined the fence here at U.S. Coast Guard Air Station
Traverse City to watch as these U.S. Navy Blue Angels jets made their
grand entrance.
The sounds of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels fill the sky in Traverse City.
wonderful that they chose us after a stand down for a month after the
tragic crash in Tennessee to join us for the Fourth of July. I think
it’s real special,” says Steve Furman.
Furman and his granddaughters stood outside the fence at the U.S. Coast
Guard Air Station anxiously waiting for their arrival.
granddaughters I’ve talked to them the last couple days about it and
they’re excited to be here and I think once they see fat Albert fly in
and then the team fly in and they will fly over and head down to the bay
and check out some points down there and it’ll be fun for them,” says
This weekend is the Blue Angels first air show after the death of Captain Jeff Kuss in a crash earlier this month.
The National Cherry Festival says it’s an honor to welcome them back.
very fortunate. I think it reflects very well on the community. If you
look at the venue size of the city and for us to be fortunate enough to
have them in alternating years, again I think it really speaks well for
the whole area,” says National Cherry Festival air show director, Steve
And Wednesday’s landing was just a glimpse of what this weekend’s air show has in store.
great to be in Traverse City and great to see the Blue Angels and the
entire cherry festival. So we’re very fortunate,” Furman says.
If you’re in the Traverse City, you get to see more of the Blue Angels tomorrow.
There will be several air show practices the Blue Angels will be part of.


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