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Blue Angels end season with breathtaking performance on Veterans Day

The Blue Angels brightened the sky as they closed out the season Saturday afternoon.

It was a big day Saturday, Nov. 11th as tens of thousands watched the skies for the Blue Angels airshow.

The jets fascinated the crowd with their high-flying twists and turns.

Among those in the crowd were World War II veterans like Carlos Roldan who evacuated Puerto Rico with his wife after Hurricane Maria.

“I like it very much; this place is beautiful. I enjoy it and this is my first time seeing an airshow,” said Roldan.

Vietnam Veteran John Cole was also there to watch the Blues perform.

Cole was aboard the USS Forrestal on July 29, 1967, when the accidental launch of a rocket resulted in hours of firefighting and more than 100 deaths.

“I have a list of all of their names on the back of my shirt. These are all of the guys that perished during that fire,” explained Cole.

Base officials estimated more than 100,000 people watched the Blue Angel’s final performance of the year.

“Obviously we owe so much to the veterans for everything they sacrificed for us to be able to do this. Not only is it Veterans Day but we also want to celebrate the community. Their support throughout the year is key,” said NAS Pensacola Executive Officer Shawn Dominguez.

This Veterans Day there was no other place two veterans said they would rather spend the day than aboard NAS Pensacola to watch the Blue Angels fly.

“It’s really good to honor our veterans and to do everything we can for them. These people really sacrificed a lot to be here for this country and to do everything they could to honor this country,” added Cole.

Even though today is the last day of the season for the Blue Angels, the beautiful weather, great food, and stellar performances made it a great day to not only have some fun but a chance for everyone to come together to honor all veterans.

Fans also got an up-close glimpse at machinery from World War II to today’s military equipment.

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