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Blue Angels entertain crowds in Owensboro

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) – Thousands of people went out to the Owensboro riverfront Saturday and all eyes were on the sky.

You would have thought the entire city of Owensboro was on the riverfront and for good reason. The main attraction were the Blue Angels.

With beautiful weather, and a beautiful show in the sky, many prepared early to make sure they had a good view. That was certainly the case for the Carter and Blubaum families

“We were down here at 8:30 this morning, staking our claim underneath the trees,” said Sarah Blubaum.

For the kids, excitement had been building up days ago.

“When my kids got off the bus Thursday afternoon, the Blue Angels were in a diamond formation, so that really made my youngest son excited to come out and watch them,” said Blubaum.

As the planes soared through the sky, people along the riverfront watched in amazement.

Being able to experience such an exhilarating show with family and friends, is what made today special for the Carters and Blubaums.

“Oh it’s a blast! It’s a lot of fun, the kids are really enjoying it, so it makes it fun for all of us,” said Melissa Carter.

If you missed any of the action here today, another air show can be seen above the Owensboro river front tomorrow at 12:30pm.

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