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Blue Angels fly into Lynchburg

LYNCHBURG (WSLS 10) – Members of the U.S. Navy flight demonstration group, Blue Angels, flew high above Lynchburg Wednesday evening. It was their first time back in the Hill City since 2011.
Their homecoming helps mark the return of the Lynchburg Regional Airshow.
It was a moment crowds patiently waited for. As the sun quietly set Wednesday, the Blue Angels roared into Lynchburg.
“They are just some of the most talented military pilots” said Tom McDaniel, a Blue Angels fan. “The neat thing they stress is that everything they do are routinely used military moves.”
The two-person crew came to Lynchburg to survey the area and make sure it meets safety expectations ahead of the 2016 airshow.
Lt. Tyler Davies serves as one of the pilots of the F-18D two seater.
“The jet moves really fast. It’s great to be up there,” said Lt. Davies. “It gives you time to yourself and to think about the next step.”
The second pilot on board the aircraft was Lt. Corrie Mays. She’s one of nearly 20 females with the Blue Angels.
“There are so many women in the fleet and that is who we are here to represent” said Lt. Mays. “We are here representing our brothers and sisters who are currently out there doing good work.”
Many people are looking forward to the 2016 Lynchburg Regional Airshow.
Lt. Davies said the routines they have planned will be amazing sight to see.
Organizers hope seeing the planes fly high over Lynchburg will help educate people about aviation and encourages others to reach for the stars.
“There are a lot of kids that look up at an airplane and say ‘I can’t do that’. They can do it, we want to show them how they can do it,” said Dave Young, President of the Lynchburg Regional Airshow Corporation.
In addition to the Blue Angels, the 2016 Airshow is expected to include Candy Bombers, Tuskegee Airmen and other exciting acts. Organizers said they have made changes including improved parking. The
airshow will take place May 21- 22.

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