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Blue Angels Help Injured Driver After Crash Near Gary Airport

Blue Angels
Several members of the daredevil
flight crew the Blue Angels helped an injured driver after a car crash
Thursday as they drove from the Gary/Chicago International Airport,
where the air show performers were staged for the Chicago Air and Water
members of the Blue Angels, who are all sailors and Marines in the U.S.
Navy Flight Demonstration Squad, were driving away from the airport
when they saw a car that appeared to have crashed head-on into the
roadside guard rail, according to a press release from the Blue
Angels. The driver was trapped inside the car and appeared unconscious.
Brian Coffman
and George Thiess, Navy aviation electricians, broke the rear passenger
window to enter the vehicle and reach the driver trapped inside,
according to the press release. The others called for emergency help and
directed traffic around the wreck.
was calm, cool and collected the entire time,” said Thiess, who is also
a volunteer firefighter and emergency medical technician in Maryland.
“We cleared the debris, put the vehicle in park and turned the engine
off. Right after that, I immediately established ‘c-spine’ to prevent
further injury.”
they waited for the Gary Fire Department to arrive, the Blue Angels
remained with the driver and talked to him the entire time.
The driver is expected to recover from his injuries, according to the Blue Angels.
you’re riding a fire engine or on an emergency call, you know what to
expect, but we’re here for an air show, so it initially caught me off
guard,” Thiess said. “Fortunately, training took over and we were able
to help out.” 

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