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Blue Angels Homecoming This Weekend

A last chance to see the Blue Angels this year.
“It marks the end of a great season. It’s bittersweet for those leaving. This is the last time we get to fly in a blue jet and perform in front of all these people.” Flight leader and commanding officer Captain Tom Frosch, or “Boss” as he is called, has led the elite squadron for the last three years.
He’s been there when the team was grounded by sequestration. “You learn so much from a season and we lost a lot of lessons learned that year. Last year and even this year was a rebuilding year and everybody just stepped up and we got to the point where we were before and if not, we’re better.”
Frosch has also watched as the aging fleet of F/A-18 Legacy Hornets were tested time and time again. “The jets are designed for six thousand hours and we’re going to probably fly em for ten thousand hours. So to do that requires a lot of extra maintenance and it will continue to be a challenge not only with the navy but with all the services as we continue to use our material more than they were planned for.”
This weekend’s show will be the last time this team of Blue Angels will fly together.
Fans of the Blue Angels will tell you this is the best show of the season, you may have seen the beach show, but there’s nothing like watching the Blues on NAS Pensacola. Gates open each day at 8 am. The Blues fly at 2 pm.

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