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Blue Angels Land In Lynchburg To Prepare for 2016 Air Show

Lynchburg, VA
True fans do this. They wait as long as it takes.
been waiting 30 minutes but my other friends have been waiting two
hours. It’s worth it,” said, Liberty Aviation Student Taylor Tribiano.
After waiting for the gloomy skies to clear, two members of The U.S. Navy Blue Angels Flight Squadron landed in Lynchburg.

“It is awesome to be a part of the Blue Angels and to be back here. Its
been five years since we’ve had an air show here,” said LT. Tyler
For many it was time worth sacrificing to get a glimpse of
their heroes in action. “Mattox loves airplanes so were here to see the
Blue Angels,” said local grandfather, Kirk Becraft.
Especially these students who one day hope to fill their cockpits.
always looked at the Blue Angels and thought they were really cool and
really awesome, they inspired me to be a pilot, said Tribiano.
The airport says the crew is in town to make sure the 2016 airshow coming in May takes off smoothly.
have a checklist and they are going to want to look at the airport and
just make sure the taxi ways are big enough and the ramps are where they
want to park their airplanes and stuff like that,” said Airport
Director, Ernie Rogers.
The pilots say the most important mission of all, is inspiring the next generation to aim high.
is no greater honor. Whether we are inspiring people to join the
military or just be something great or just be a part of something
greater than yourself or to realize your full potential and to be your
best. We’re here to inspire in any way possible,” said Mays.

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