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Blue Angels Prepare For Michigan

The Navy’s Blue Angels are returning to the airshow circuit today in the skies above Traverse City, Michigan.

The Blues are flying in the National Cherry Airshow http://www.cherryfestival.org/our-events/air-show/ in their first show since the deadly June 2nd crash that claimed the life of Marine Corps Captain Jeff Kuss.

Kuss was practicing for an airshow in Smyrna, Tenessee when his FA-18 crashed.

The cause is still being investigated.

Blue Angels Commander Ryan Bernacci says the precision flight team is
dedicating the rest of this air show season to Captain Kuss’ memory.
“Representing the pride and professionalism of the Navy Marine Corps and hoping to inspire a culture of excellence. And that’s what … that’s
what Jeff Kuss was all about and that’s what we’re all about and so the
honors and tributes paid to him just really, really lift us up and we’re
very proud to be flying in his memory.” Barnacci told WPBN-TV.

The Blue Angels will fly the rest of 2016 using a 5 plane formation instead of the usual 6.

From Michigan, the precision flight team will travel to next weekend’s Gary Air Show http://gary-airshow.com/?gclid=CJanlqnW1M0CFQ6GaQodMvkOvg before taking to the skies above Pensacola Beach July 16th.

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