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Blue Angels return to Lincoln

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The Blue Angels held an air show here in Lincoln five years ago.

Now, the team is coming back.

This is video from last time the Blue Angels team was here, and our own Vanessa Brown got to take a ride.

Governor Pete Ricketts says, “what these naval aviators represent is really the best of the best. It is incredibly impressive. And that’s what you’re going to get a chance to see with the Blue Angels’ demonstrations.”

On Wednesday, self–proclaimed aviation buff, Governor Ricketts, introduced plans for the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels team to perform here in Lincoln again.

The Guardians of Freedom air show is free, and is set for May 7th and 8th.

“The demonstration generally is about an hour. Fat Albert will fly first, do an air–flight demonstration. And then pilots one through six will take off after that,” explains Lt. Tyler Davies with the Blue Angels.

And right behind me is the west side of the Lincoln airport, where the Blue Angels will hold its first show in town since 2011.”

According to the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, the last time the show came to town, it brought in over a quarter of a million people, as well as about 5 million dollars to local businesses.

Capt. Corrie Mays with the Blue Angels adds, “they talked about the record numbers that they had here last time and we’re hoping that in this year, 2016, we’ll have even better numbers as far as the turnout goes.”

And this isn’t just for the boys, we can expect to see the first woman ever to fly in the demonstration.

“That’s really what this air show will give us the opportunity to show off, is really what a great job our men and women in uniform do,” said Gov. Ricketts.

After the show, the pilots will all be available for pictures and autographs.

But just know, if you ask who is better between them and the Air Force’s Thunderbirds, this is the answer you’ll likely get.

“The Blue Angels,” laughs Lt. Davies.