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Blue Angels take flight Sunday in Tuscaloosa Regional Air Show

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — – Thousands of people were at the Tuscaloosa Regional Air Show Sunday afternoon to see dozens of airplanes performing aerial stunts.

Despite the cold and damp weather conditions, Lauren Evers and her family came out to watch the Blue Angels. She says her kids were disappointed the air show was canceled Saturday due to inclement weather.

“It was bad yesterday with the rain and the storms coming in and you never know if a tornado is coming to Tuscaloosa, so I think the right decision was made Saturday to cancel,” Evers said. “And yes, today it’s wet and it’s cloudy, but it’s fun and there are a lot of people out here, so its’ great.”

Deidre Stalnaker from the City of Tuscaloosa said that 70,000 people attended the air show after reviewing tickets sold.

Dozens of aircraft were on display, including some vintage military planes. A U.S.A.F. A-10 “Warthog” jet flew high above the crowd. Soon afterward, the elite pilots of the Blue Angels soared high in the skies performing precision moves.

Lauren Evers said seeing the Blue Angels was amazing.

“Well, it’s a good experience to see them all up close and to be able to physically touch them. Some of the planes you can actually go inside them,” Evers said. “We are excited to see the Blue Angels at the end and the tricks that they do. It’s just great to see it all in person.”

Donald Biggers was also a fan of the Blue Angels. He brought his wife and three children to the show.

“It’s just something, especially for my 3-year-old here Don, something he wants to see and I want to see,” Biggers said. “And it’s something we will have memories of and it’s worth it to fight the wind and cold to have the memories.”

Sunday’s air show was the ninth performance to be held in Tuscaloosa.

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