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Blue Angels Tear Through Skies

It was super to see the Point Mugu airshow return last weekend after a long layoff. The Blue Angels showed up and ripped the seam of the sky like dueling swordsmen with their sharp blue blades and ground-shaking general electric engines.
There was the French underdog team kissing the sky masterly as you would expect the French to do. They were the Breitling Jet Team, the largest professional civilian team based in Dijon, France and this was their first visit to the U.S.
The skies were further tormented by great dedicated classic warplane pilots and some of the best hotdogger surfing pilots the skies have ever seen. Me, my wife, son, and thousands of others turned into true red necks as the sun burned our butts good. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” was the most popular greeting among the crowd. All in all, it went down safe which is a very important aspect of staying alive to see next years show!! See ya there next year!