FA 18 Hornets at Hector Intl. Airport

FARGO (KFGO-AM) — The US Navy’s Blue Angels are
ready to rumble over the skies of Fargo-Moorhead for this weekend’s
Fargo Airsho.

The Angels use six FA-18 Boeing Hornets in their precision performance routine.

The Angels have plenty of people on the ground. Marine Maj. Mark
Hamilton, who commands “Fat Albert,” the team’s C-130 support aircraft,
says the plane carries 25,000 lbs. of supplies and a crew of 40.

Petty Off. Daniel Simpson, one of two events coordinators for the
Angels, says its not all work. The pilots have played golf, gone fishing
and attended a pig roast.

The Blue Angels will perform both Sat. and Sun. afternoons.