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Blue Angels to take the skies near you in 2017

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FALLS — Idaho Falls Air Show, Inc. announced Wednesday that the U.S.
Navy flight demonstration team, the Blue Angels, will be headlining the
next Extreme Blue Thunder Air Show in Idaho Falls.

show will take place July 22-23, 2017 at the Aero Mark building located
at 1940 International Way, south of the Idaho Falls Regional Airport
The event, according
to a press release from I.E. Productions, is expected to be “one of the
largest live events ever to be hosted in the city of Idaho Falls” — an
event that “has the potential of creating over $50,000,000 in economic
impact for the region and will bring hundreds of thousands of people to
the area.”
According to
owner/operator of Aero Mark Bob Hoff, when the Blue Angels came to Idaho
Falls for an air show in 2010, they expressed their desire to return
because it was such a good experience for them.
said he and his staff filled out an official government form requesting
military support. On the form were various boxes for demonstration
teams, including the Blue Angels. Aero Mark officials checked the box
for the Blue Angels and sent in the form.
a result, in December it was officially announced at the International
Council of Air Shows that the Blue Angels would be performing in Idaho
Falls in July of 2017.
of the Idaho Falls Air Show, Inc. Board of Directors Russell Johnson
said the event will be one of the best veteran tributes the city of
Idaho Falls has ever seen.
“We’re delighted to make this announcement,” he said.
Westmark Credit Union will be a main sponsor of the event.
“We look forward to being a part of this,” said Rich Leonardson, president and CEO of Westmark Credit Union.
Falls City Council member Ed Marohn, who is also the veteran liaison
for his community, said this event will be good for both the citizens
and the business community of Idaho Falls.
“July 22-23, 2017, seems like a long way off, but it’s going to be intense work getting it ready,” he said.
He said Idaho Falls is leading the state as far as support for the military.
show helps exemplify that,” Marohn said. “It’s very important for our
community and very important for our quality of life to have these kinds
of events here.”
explained that for this show they were able to get a waiver to push the
“air box” closer to the audience than virtually any other show in the
“You will not see the Blue Angels this close in almost any other show,” he said.
encourages people to plan on coming to the airport to see the show
instead of trying to watch from a nearby park or other location. He said
half of the show is the walk-down, which will take place on the site of
the event.
Nick Gaily,
director over marketing for the event, said anyone who has interest in
volunteering for or sponsoring the show can contact him (at nickgailey@museumofidaho.org) or any members of the Idaho Falls Air Show, Inc. board.
said they will start selling online tickets about a year from now.
Westmark and other businesses will sell tickets as well. Tickets bought
ahead of time will be discounted, and discounts will also be available
for children and veterans.
Proceeds from the air show will go to various nonprofit causes, including the Mayor’s Scholarship Fund.

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