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Blue Angels touch down in Knox

Lt. Tyler Davies and Capt. Corrie Mays, of the Blue Angels, talk about
the team’s upcoming air show set for June 11 and 12 in Syracuse.
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The Blue Angels have been taking flight since 1946, making their 2016 stop in Syracuse a part of their 70th anniversary flights.
“Every time I put on this flight suit, I can feel the 69 years of excellence that has taken the time to get this far, so it is such an honor to be a part of this team,” shared Lt. Tyler Davies.
Some of the maneuvers bring the jets within 18 inches of one another, which makes safety a top priority during every practice.
“It’s all based off of safety so we can pull up from one air show, go to the next weekend and produce the same exact same show no matter what challenges face us, that’s exactly what we want to do,” Lt. Davies said.
There is a long line of camaraderie within the Blue Angels crew.
“Especially on this team, we are literally on the road 300 days of the year,” said Capt. Corrie Mays. “We have a special bond, for sure. We actually kind of consider ourselves a family in a way.”
The Blue Angels will perform on June 11 and 12 at the Hancock International Airport.

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