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Bridging Heaven & Earth Show # 301 with Carlos Reynosa and Carlos Music Videos

Carlos began his career in the arts as a young man working as an actor and model in California, New York and Europe. Carlos has been featured in the magazines GQ, and In Style as well as played a role in the movie Graduation Day.

Working as a model Carlos was used to having his photograph taken, but his talent and vision soon brought him on the other side of the camera. Andy Worhal and his publication Interview Magazine gave Carlos his first big break as a photographer. Since then he has worked for Rolling Stone, Demoiselle, In Style, Newsweek, National Geographic, Young Miss (YM) and many other American and European publications.

As a professional photographer, Carlos started Prima Modeling Agency in Los Angeles and personally helped start the careers of Hilary Swank (1999 Best Actress), Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil and The Story of Joan of Arc), and Cameron Diaz (current star of Charlie’s Angels) as well as photographed countless celebrities such as Matthew Perry, Johnny Depp, Luke Perry, Esai Morales, Sherilyn Fenn, Will Smith, Los Lobos, Irene Bedard and Steve Reevis to list a few.

Carlos’ success in modeling and photography allowed him to focus his attention on yet another artistic media… music. Music has always been Carlos’s true love, “it is the language that breaks all barriers and expresses the joy, pain and sincerity of the artist’s soul.”


Carlos started writing music with his friend Greg Kuhen in 1987. The collaboration became known as Blue Sofa. In 1990, Carlos, along with bassist Michael Rennenger and guitarist Rick Batson, started the band Toro. Breaking away from Toro in 1992, he started the group Rain with Dug Mug on bass and percussionist Jared Rains.

Carlos started his solo recording career in 1993, and he made his first CD in 1996. “I sang on the beach and enjoyed playing my music at Pow-Wows. My first air play was on Native Radio”

In 1999, Carlos recorded the song, My Brother, for the soundtrack to the award winning film, Naturally Native. The album went on to win two Native American Music Awards [ NAMMY’s ]. In 2000, Carlos’ CD Wiseman was nominated for Best Independent Recording by the NAMMY’s. In that same year, he also released his debut flute CD, Sunrise, the sister recording to WiseMan. Also in 2000, Carlos’ flute song Passion was featured on Keith Secola’s sound track to the movie Homeland. Also featured on the album was the Indigo Girls, and the sound track went on to win yet another NAMMY award. In 2003, Carlos’ flute CD, Baby Blue, was nominated for Best Independent Recording of the year by the NAMMY’s.

In 2005, Carlos released For the People, a mixture of Song and Flute. The CD debuted in the Top 10 of Billboard’s New Age charts and stayed there for over three months. For the People went on to be nominated for Native American Recording of the year.

With two New CDs: PINK BLISS (Flute) and FREEDOM (Song-Guitar-Flute) the texture between Sight and Sound become One, in the Twenty One Supporting Video’s. In the RED ROAD Video, Staring Rick Mora. Carlos Shows off all his Talents. A Must See!

PINK BLISS: A reflection of Holy Man The USA vs. Douglas White, Narrated by Martin Sheen, Carlos Brings 21 Songs of Native Flutes, Into Playful Existence!

FREEDOM: 14 Powerful Songs of Freedom. From Dancing Native Flute to the Bite of his Bluesy Electric Guitar, Pure Passion! From a Master of Song, Flute and Guitar.


Carlos got his start by being a model working in Milan, Paris, London, New York and Los Angeles. His image created a new look in the industry, athletic, strong jawed and flat toped. He worked for some of the most creative photographers, Fabrizio Gianni was one of the photographers who took an interest in Carlos and his interest in photography. Fabrizio of Good Bad and Ugly fame was one of the most inventive photographers in Milan, copied around the world by photographers like Bruce Weber who brought the style to America.

Working as a model and Assistant for Fabrizio, Carlos developed his style. With in three months of testing his Model friends Carlos had his first job for Andy Warhol and Interview magazine. Carlos befriended Andy at the fashion shows and after parties he was the first one he showed his first black and white shots to in Milan. “Carlos, when you get to New York I have work for you” Andy Warhol.

Carlos was an artist in the true sense of the word with the industry changed by his influence. He returned the help that Andy Warhal gave him by giving the first jobs to other artist that millions see on the big screen today.

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