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Driving six and a half hours overnight to see the Blue Angels

PENSACOLA BEACH, FL (WALA) – A lot of people got up very early Friday morning to get a good place on Pensacola Beach to watch the Blue Angels practice shows.

One of them was Mark Moon of Pensacola.

You might say he got a front row seat for today’s rehearsals.

Moon set up his tent right at the shoreline.

Moon said, “We came out about 3:30 this morning. This is a fine spot, and if you don’t get here early, you won’t get it.”

Donna Gaskins of Pace, Florida, and her friends set up further back near the Gulfside Pavilion, preparing a picnic feast.

But because she’s in a prime corner spot, she had to get here early, too.

Gaskins said, “We got up about 3:00 this morning: had to cook the beans, you know, and getting other things together. So, we loaded everything in and came down a little after 5 and set up.”

Irving Valle and his family drove all the way from central Florida to see the Blue Angels.

Valle said, “We left Orlando about 11:00 at night and we got here about 5:30 in the morning.”

Lea Rivera from Orlando said, “I want to see the different types of tricks that they do, honestly, because I never experienced them. I heard a lot about them, but I really want to see them in action”

Bill Adams and Randy Evans say they’ve been coming here for about 8 years and they’re easy to find.

They set up tents adorned with the logos and colors of their favorite SEC teams.

Adams, from Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, said, “We come on Friday to beat the crowd and just have a good time.”

Evans, from Savannah, Tennessee, said, “I’m from Tennessee and this is my vacation. I mean, I plan it every year.”

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