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Expect AirFair 2018 to be playful

Adam Baker and a pair of fellow pilots do a group stunt during one of Baker’s past air show performances. Baker said he is excited to be bringing his act to Liberal. Courtesy photo

Saturday will be a day full of action and adrenaline for those attending the Liberal AirFair, which will feature the aerobatic skills of Skip Stewart, the Shockwave Jet Truck team, the Aeroshell Aerobatic Team and Adam Baker Airshows to round out the day.

Baker began his pilot career when he was 20 while studying at Oklahoma State University and ultimately flew for 4,500 flight hours while completing his training. After training, Baker worked with some airlines for a while and then for a time flew chartered jets for celebrities. Currently, Baker runs an area in Dallas where there are corporate jest and helicopters and other planes. This will be Baker’s first time flying at the Liberal AirFair and he said he is very excited.

“I had talked to Ronda earlier this year and we’ve just been chatting back and forth since then and now here we are,” Baker said. “I’m also sponsored by a video game studio and every year we decide on new locations to go to. So it was partially because I’ve never flown the Liberal AirFair before and another part of it is because Liberal is a very family-friendly town and with the video game studio being named Playful, Liberal seems like the perfect demographic to look at. I knew it’d be a good time and a great opportunity and a great place to hang out for the weekend.”

Baker added he is excited to meet those in the audience Saturday and offered encouragement for everyone to turn out.

“There are so many fun things about doing air shows but for me, it’s the interaction with the children. When they see a plane do things they normally wouldn’t, it’s amazing seeing the looks on their faces,” Baker said. “When they see all of that up close, they think you’re basically a superhero and they’re very excited. When I was young, I didn’t know I wanted to be a pilot and I didn’t have family in aviation, but I went to a few air shows and saw the Blue Angels and a few other groups and it was amazing seeing them. A lot of speakers will say things like work hard and study hard in school and some of that made me want to be better. So if I can inspire someone to do that and help them bring a dream to fruition, that’s great and I’ve done my job. We’re going to have a great day for Saturday and it’s going to be a great lineup. Between me, Skip Stewart, the Shockwave truck and the Aeroshell Aerobatic Team, it’ll be a crazy, diverse show full of awesomeness. We all perform really well and it’ll be a full-throttle action-packed show from beginning to end.”

Like the other acts, Baker said his part of the show will include a lot of high energy and will be a lot of fun to watch.

“Other than the Shockwave truck, my plane will be the fastest thing there at the air show,” Baker said. “My plane can go 300 mph and it’s specifically built for really high G’s, really high rollovers and I actually have some newer maneuvers I’ll be showing off that day and they’re stunts a plane shouldn’t normally be able to do, but it can and it’ll look really awesome from on the ground. My portion is a really neat combination of competition-style aerobatic stunts and freestyle maneuvers where no one knows what’ll happen next.”

And, Baker said, being a pilot and being able to fly as a pilot is overall an amazing experience.

“As far as being a pilot, my favorite thing is not sitting in traffic, first off,” Baker said with a laugh. “For me it’s the absolute freedom and you can do anything you want. My wife’s also a pilot and my 2-year-old son is so into planes right now it’s funny. That’s really our time. Some people put money away for trips and vacations and that type of thing and we work to be able to do this, and we both absolutely love it, we all love flying.”

Overall, Baker said, Saturday will be great for everyone.

“It’ll be a great show with an awesome lineup of great pilots that day and I hope everyone is able to make their way to the AirFair Saturday,” Baker said.

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