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Flying in Blue Angels’ Fat Albert

Reporter Taja Davis before she experienced the gut-dropping feeling of 0Gs.

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) – KIFI/KIDK’s Taja Davis rode in the cockpit of Blue Angels’ Fat Albert Friday afternoon.

Fat Albert, nicknamed Bert, is a C-130T plane that transports cargo and crew for the Blue Angels. But despite his practical use, he definitely still puts on a show.

“Flying Fat Albert never gets old. I’ve been flying C-130s for about 15 years out of my 17-year Marine Corps career. But flying these types of maneuvers in front of everybody really gets you pumped,” said Maj. Mark Hamilton, one of three Fat Albert pilots.

The pilots performed two right and left turns, flew close to the ground, and ascended and descended within seconds. These are all moves that are used in combat.

“Everything from the high performance climbs to the steep descents are basically made to get away from small arms-fire. The tight turns are made to get away from radar,” Hamilton said.

The passengers experienced 2Gs, which is the feeling of gravity at twice the pressure. And then quickly felt 0Gs, where you feel twice as light.

“There’s just about only one aircraft that really does this on a regular basis at an air show, and that’s Fat Albert. So, we’re really privileged and honored to show this off for the American public” Hamilton said.

Tickets can still be purchased online for the air show. Gates open at 9 a.m. both Saturday and Sunday. The planes will start flying around noon.

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