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Have You Seen This? Blue Angels thrill beachgoers

THE BEACH — It’s summer. For many people, it means doing whatever they can to get to the beach. Let’s go there in our minds now.
The sun in shining as we kick off our flip-flops to walk across the warm sand to the perfect spot we just spied. We set up towels, chairs and maybe a tent, angled to watch the ocean. We listen to the relaxing push and pull of the waves, increasingly glad we came to the beach.
(Ah, I personally feel more relaxed already.)
But what is that we spy on the horizon? It’s a couple of skilled and impressive pilots and jets from the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels.
“Oh, goody,” we collectively think in this daydream. “A free show!”
Closer and closer they come when suddenly Blue Angel No. 5 buzzes the beach with a low flyby. It’s loud yet thrilling, and we all grin and cheer. It quickly turns into startled laughter as the wake turbulence of the jet catches up to us a full six seconds later.
Up in the air goes all our gear, ruining our perfect set up. But we realize it’s OK, because we got a free show.
And, scene.
This exact scenario wasn’t a daydream for the beachgoers in this video. I’m sure it’s almost as thrilling to watch the video as it was to be there in real life. A wider angle of the flyby can be seen here.

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