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Horsemen Cometh: Honor the Blues

http://bit.ly/teamblueangels Like pilots and people around the world, the Horsemen have always admired the USN’s Flight Demonstration Team, the Blue Angels. To pay homage to the team’s legacy, The Horsemen replaced their normal ride of P-51 Mustangs with F8F Bearcats; one of the first planes flown by the Blues.

Recently, past and present merged when the Blue Angel solo pilots flew formation with the Bearcat Horsemen at an air show. Perhaps even cooler than that experience, was to have Al Taddeo – one of the original Blue Angels who flew the F8F – watch The Horsemen fly in formation much like the original Blue Angels team. ASB.tv was there to capture the moment and the rest as they say…is history.

You’ll only find the full version of this historic video at http://bit.ly/teamblueangels

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