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Laurels & Lances

The Navy Blue Angels come in for a landing after their performance over Latrobe during the Shop 'n Save Westmoreland County Airshow at Arnold Palmer Regional Airport on Saturday.

Laurel: To the Shop ‘n Save Westmoreland County Airshow. Last weekend’s two-day event was a fine tribute to the late Arnold Palmer at his namesake airport, offering displays of his personal golf cart and plane. Estimated crowds of 25,000 on Saturday and 50,000 on Sunday — when an estimated 50,000 more watched from outside airport grounds — thrilled to the Navy’s Blue Angels, the Army’s Golden Knights and other attractions. And after torrential rains the day before the event began — and less-than-ideal weather in past years — welcome blue skies graced this year’s event. Kudos to all involved for a high-flying weekend.

On the “Watch List”: The Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority. Time will tell whether Robert Weimar, acting interim director since March, can straighten out the deeply troubled PSWA as executive director under a $175-an-hour contract for up to 2,000 hours, which is worth up to $350,000. Having changed executive directors six times in seven years, the PWSA clearly needs stable leadership.

Lance (with a caveat): To a stalled bridge-replacement project. Supposed to start the week of May 22, work to replace a bridge across Ninemile Run on Latrobe Street in Unity is on hold due to a design error. Catching that error early enough to keep this project on schedule would have been preferable, of course. But had that error not been caught before actual replacement work began, the fix likely would have been lengthier, more expensive and more difficult — hence the caveat.