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LEKTRO Moves The Blue Angels

Hillsboro, Ore. / July 18, 2015 – Aircraft tugs built in Warrenton, Oregon, are used for precise positioning of the Blue Angels.

LEKTRO is proud to support the Oregon International Air Show with two
of their all-electric, towbarless aircraft tugs for use by the U.S.
Navy Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Team. The Warrenton, Oregon, based
company provided two of their AP88 series aircraft tugs which are
commonly used by regional airlines and militaries around the world.

The Blue Angels do not transport their own tugs and require the host
organization provide tugs to move their famed F/A-18 Hornet jets. LEKTRO
volunteered two of their tugs to the Oregon International Air Show,
which assigned them for the Blue Angels use in addition to using them
for moving many current and vintage aircraft flown in the air show.

Since the Blue Angels had never used a towbarless tug like LEKTRO’s,
the company provided training for their ground crews, all of whom
quickly became proficient.

“It’s faster and safer for both ground personnel and aircraft. Plus,
it is emissions free,” LEKTRO Communications Director, Henry Balensifer

Conventional towing methods require staging towbars, then manually
positioning and pinning them to the nose gear of an aircraft, which can
cause injury to operator and stress the aircraft nose gear.
Additionally, towbars are often specific to an aircraft which can cause
clutter if there are more than one model of aircraft. LEKTRO’s
towbarless capture method eliminates the need of a towbar by using
patented cradle technology that gently lifts the nose landing gear and
secures it with a soft strap.

“We’re proud to support Oregon’s premier air show and proud to support our nation’s Navy.”