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Look Up! Blue Angels, Snowbirds Arrive In Los Alamitos

KEY WEST, FL - MARCH 21: Lt. Nate Barton flies his Blue Angels fighter jet at left in formation during practice March 21, 2013 over the lower Florida Keys, Florida. The Blue Angels are scheduled to perform during Naval Air Station Key West's free Southernmost Air Spectacular air show March 23 -24. (Photo by Rachel McMarr/U.S. Navy/Florida Keys News via Getty Images)

US Navy Blue Angels & Canadian Armed Forces Snowbirds arrive for the Huntington Beach Breitling Air Show from Los Alamitos Training Base.

LOS ALAMITOS, CA — Hear that? Or see them? One of Orange County’s favorite events is coming, and the stars of the show began their descent upon Los Alamitos Monday. The Blue Angels and Canadian Snowbirds aircraft and support personnel started landing at the Los Alamitos Army Airfield in preparation for this weekend’s coming Breitling Air Show.

This will be the staging point for two of North America’s premier military flight demonstration teams that will perform at the Huntington Beach Air Show this coming weekend, Sept. 30 through Oct. 1 according to event spokesperson Col. Richard Lalor.

“Aircraft and support personnel from the U.S. Navy Blue Angels and Canadian Armed Forces Snowbirds begin arriving at LAAAF on Monday, and will be engaged in flight operations throughout the week,” Lalor said. “In addition to show performances next weekend, the teams will also be conducting media and VIP flights and practice flights throughout the week.”

A variety of other military jet aircraft scheduled to perform in the air show will also be staging out of Los Alamitos.

All flight operations are expected to take place during normal airfield hours of the base, and Lalor asked the public to note that there are Please note that there are no public events scheduled at Joint Forces Training Base in conjunction with the aircraft and pilots participating in the air show.

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