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Navy veterans among the thousands at weekend air show

Two navy veterans came to see the future generation of the navy at this weekend’s airshow.

[ST. JOSEPH, Mo] The Blue Angels took to the skies over St. Joseph closing out the Sound of Speed Air Show at Rosecrans Airport, and among the thousands of people watching, two navy veterans.

“It’s great, I mean its patriotism and it keeps the morale up. said Clarence Lee, a navy veteran.

“I served in Vietnam, so did [Lee].” said Terry Gann, a navy veteran.

Both men have 20 plus years of service in the navy, yet for Lee it’s his first time seeing the Blue Angels in action.

“I’ve never seen the Blue Angels before, just the Air Force Thunderbirds.

for Gann, its a re-do, after missing out on the chance to see them at their home base in Florida.

“We were supposed to spend a whole day with them, but the government [ran] out of money, so we didn’t get to see them.” said Gann.

As big a spectacle as the blue angels performance is however, the most moving scene for these veterans, was at an enlistment ceremony before the show.

“There was several people that actually enlisted for the first time.” said Lee.

Both men admit their younger days are behind them, which is why they’re happy to see people willing to accept the torch they’ll pass on.

“You gotta keep the influx, cause the baby boomers are about gone.” said Lee.

While the air show brought the two out initially, what will stick with the two veterans most, is keeping the tradition of service alive for the next generation,

“It’s a wonderful thing, I hope it keeps up.” said Gann.

Clarence Lee came to the show from Troy, IL, and has 26 years of navy service. Terry Gann came from Shawnee, KS and has 24 years of service with the navy.