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No charges after beer blunder

‘It appears to be an honest mistake’

TRAVERSE CITY — U.S. Navy Blue Angels crew members skirted trouble after authorities said they were caught taking beer from a cooler.

Clinch Marina security officers spotted two men walking around the docks July 1 at 2:30 a.m., grabbing two beers from a cooler. They told security officers the beer was not theirs and gave it back to the security officers.

The security officers followed the two men who returned to a boat to pick up backpacks sporting a Blue Angels logo. Both men also wore similar navy blue uniforms and had government identification cards.

The cooler’s owner chose not to file charges.

It appears at least one of the men, who worked in quality assurance for the Blue Angels, was off duty and did not have to work until the afternoon the next day, said Lt. David Gardener, a Blue Angels public affairs officer.

He said Blue Angels’ officials are aware of the incident and have looked into it themselves.

“It appears to be an honest mistake,” Gardener said. “The team members had been at the boat earlier in the evening and then they went down to the (National Cherry Festival) and came back to pick up their belongings.”

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