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Pensacola welcomes home Blue Angels

Most could agree that it was the perfect day to welcome back the pride of Pensacola. On Monday, the Blue Angels returned to northwest Florida for the 2017 air show season.

“Welcome, welcome back,” Blue Angel’s fan Gayle Storm said. “We missed their practice sessions.”

She was one of the many set up at the foot of Palafox Street awaiting the arrival of the Blue Angels. She said that they often fly over her home, but has not seen them in a while since they have been away for winter training in San Diego.

“My favorite is when they do a stand flyby and somehow they gun the motor and hit the brakes and their nose goes up and they go really slow and it scares people,” Storm said. “I love that one.”

Chances are that 14-year-old Phillip Peterson knows that maneuver too. If Storm is a fan, then Peterson is a super fan.

“I know every single maneuver,” Peterson said. “I’ve attended every single show since I was about two years old. I know the maneuvers exactly and can speak just like the announcer.”

WEAR-TV put him to the test and the young man has some skills. Check out our video for his impersonation, because he may be the next narrator for the Blue Angels.

Just a little after 5 p.m., the F/A-18 Hornets appeared to the north of the downtown Pensacola skyline. In Delta Formation, the six jets flew south along Palafox Street right over the heads of Dan Bowman and his daughter, Patience, who were visiting the area.

“It’s pretty neat, it seems like everybody has a lot of fun with it,” Bowman said.

Then, the Blues took a left turn to head to the beach, before heading home to Naval Air Station Pensacola.

“They belong to America, but they really belong to Pensacola,” Storm said. “It unites people in Pensacola and that’s just fun to see.”

The Blue Angels kick off practice on March 28 and 29.

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