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Pyrotechnics Spark Delay, Fires at Miramar Air Show

A Blue Angels team member stands amid the jet fumes before the aerial demonstration. Photo by Chris Stone

Fire crews at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar put on an unscheduled demonstration Friday afternoon when they doused blazes caused by show-ending pyrotechnics of the Breitling Jet Team from Europe.

Delaying the start of the Blue Angels by a few minutes, the small brush fires were quite a distance from the crowds and south of the east-west flight line of the Miramar Air Show.

It wasn’t the only ground-level excitement.

So was a skills display by Camp Pendleton Marines, arriving by UH-1Y Hueys in the Marine-Ground Task Force demo and being lifted by ropes for a fast getaway. A caravan of M1A1 tanks rolled near the grandstands, with crew members waving to spectators.

With warmer temperatures expected Saturday and Sunday, the air show expected hundreds of thousands of visitors amid tighter security than previous years.

Key is carrying a clear plastic bags — one per person.

“Unlike some event venues, we are not banning all bags,” organizers said. “Small clutch purses, with or without a handle or strap, are permitted along with either the large clear bag or the one-gallon freezer bag.”

Large seat cushions with pockets, zippers, compartments or covers are not permitted. Clear seat cushions and seat pads without pockets, zippers, compartments or covers are permitted.

Prohibited items include purses, totes and backpacks not conforming to the new Clear Bag Policy; weapons of any kind; outside alcoholic beverages; ice chests or coolers not medically required; pets other than service animals; glass containers; bicycles, roller skates, roller blades, scooters, skateboards and hover boards.

And no personal drones.

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