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School principals ride with Blue Angels

The Owensboro Air Show doesn’t start until this weekend, but two school principals already took a flight to remember.

They flew with the Blue Angels, this year’s headlining act.

“It’s a very exciting opportunity, definitely once in a lifetime,” says Tricia Murphy, principal at Whitesville Elementary School. She, and Highland Elementary Principal Leslie Peveler, are usually in school. Instead, they were flying high above them.

“I had a lot of gentlemen stop and say, ‘You have no idea. I wish I could do that.’ I know what a big opportunity it is and I can’t wait to get up there,” says Peveler.

The two rode with the Blue Angels, pulling as much as 7Gs above the skies of Owensboro, seeing what the pilots see, and experiencing what they experience.

“My legs feel a little Jell-oish, so maybe I need to sit down. But I’m good. I’m good,” Murphy said, after her flight.

The two were chosen to ride with the Blue Angels after being selected as key influencers for their community. Both went through brief training on breathing techniques during maneuvers and other things.

“It was exciting,” Murphy said after getting off the plane. They both enjoyed the experience.

“Every maneuver is amazing,” Peveler said after her flight. It was an experience these educators say their students can learn from.

“I’m going to tell them that no matter what, when things get a little scary, that’s the time to step, and that’s the time to take a risk, and take an opportunity,” Peveler said.

“Go for it,” says Murphy. “That’s been the lesson for my kids is step outside of your comfort zone, take risks, and take the challenges that life throws your way.”