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SeaFair Weekend 2017 Begins, Smoky Skies And All: PHOTOS

SEATTLE, WA – Puget Sound’s annual air-and-water show, SeaFair, kicked off Friday under wildfire-smoke filled skies – but that didn’t stop boat racers, wakeboarders, jet pilots, and stunt planes from showing off. The air show began Friday afternoon with a flyover by two A-10 Warthog planes, followed by the bracing stunt devil John Klatt and his Screamin’ Sasquatch Jet Waco. As usual, the Blue Angels closed the show.

Check out photos from Friday’s opening festivities:

In The Pits, spectators can get up close to antique and competition hydroplane boats.


The Screamin’ Sasquatch Jet Waco is a standard 1929 Taperwing Waco modified with a jet engine.

In between air shows, wakeboard riders performed stunts in front of crowds gathered along the Lake Washington shoreline at Genesee Park.

Stunt pilot Brad Wursten flying his MXS-R Aerobatic Aircraft Teaser.

A U.S. Coast Guard MH65 Helicopter dropped a rescue swimmer into Lake Washington in a demonstration of how search-and-rescue missions are performed.

The antique PBY Catalina has the capability of taking off and landing on water. Catalina flying boats were used widely during battle in World War II, and many were kept in the giant hangars still seen today at Magnuson Park.

The F-22 Raptor, with a per-plane price tag of $150 million, can reach speeds of up to 1,500 MPH – and it certainly appeared to be approaching those speeds as it roared across Lake Washington Friday.

The Blue Angels’ F/A-18 Hornets ended Friday’s opening show with neck-breaking stunts over the lake. Here they are flying over the Seward Park neighborhood.

SeaFair lasts all weekend and features more than just air shows. Check out all the activities at the SeaFair website.

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