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Spectators mesmerized by Blue Angels at 59th annual Air and Water Show

CHICAGO — The 59th annual Chicago Air and Water show brought hundreds of thousands to see a spectacle of stunts in the sky.

Under clear skies and comfortable conditions, the lakefront was perfect for watching some dazzling demonstrations.

On a picture perfect day hundreds of thousands packed Chicago’s lakefront.

The crowd is amazing…..

Building castles in the sand as pilots built “castles in the sky” spectators were spellbound by the roar of F-22’s and the arial acrobatics of the famed U.S. army golden knights parachute team.

But by far the fan favorite is the Blue Angels, the U.S. Navy’s six jet demonstration team of elite daredevil pilots.

“All the guys who are on the team are the best at what they do,” said Alana Steppe.

Caitlin Scott’s husband is navy lieutenant Nate Scott, known as Blue Angel Number 3 a left wing-man.

“I get excited and I like to call out the maneuvers when I see them, and it’s fun,” said Caitlin.

Alana Steppe’s husband is a Blue Angels navigator.

“My husband is No. 8 – David Steppe – and he’s the events coordinator,” she said.

While we watch, they wince…

“We are always on edge when the guys are up there flying, but it’s amazing to watch them live out their dreams,” said Caitlin.

“I mean, it’s nerve-wracking. You have to think they were doing what they were trained to do professionally – and when they’re up there, they’re concentrating on being up there,” said Alana.

The sounds and the spectacle grabs the attention of spouses and spectators alike who look up at the jets — on this picture perfect day and see red, white and Blue Angels reflecting back.

“They kind of represent America in a way, when people think about the military and fighter jets, I think they think of the Blue Angels. They’re America’s home team,” said Alana.

“That’s why they love to do what they do because the fans that they can reach out to and inspire kids to do whatever it is they have their heart set on,” added Caitlin.

Those wives travel to more than 70 shows a year with the Blue Angels, but they said that Chicago is one of the coolest locations because they were able to watch the practice runs from the top floor of Hancock and then take in the show with a huge crowd on the Lakefront. The lakefront, they say, is one of the best venues for the show in the country.