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The Blue Angels announce the 2019 Officers!

Blue Angels Announce 2019 Officers / MGN Image LicensePhoto: Andrea Perez

The Blue Angels announced officers that have been selected for the 2019 air show season!

Three F/A-18 demonstration pilots, an events coordinator, flight surgeon and supply officers will be replacing outgoing team members.

Each officer was highly recommended for selection by Chief of Naval Air Training Rear Adm. Gregory Harris.

The officers were approved by Commander, Naval Air Forces Vice Adm. DeWolfe Miller for the final selection.

Many highly qualified Navy and Marine Corps officers submit applications to join the Blue Angels each year.

“It was an impressive slate of applicants this year,” said Cmdr. Eric Doyle, commanding officer and flight leader of the Blue Angels. “Every officer that applied represented the high caliber of personnel serving in our Navy and Marine Corps. It was a hard decision, but one that will ultimately lead to an amazing 2019 show season.”

Congratulations to the newly selected officers!

Demonstration pilots:

  • Navy Lt. James Cox
  • Navy Lt. James Haley
  • Navy Lt. Cary Rickoff

Events Coordinator:

  • Navy Lt. Cmrd. Adam Kerrick

Flight Surgeon:

  • Navy Lt. Aaron Hicks

Supply Officer:

  • Navy Lt. J.G. Kristin Toland

Navy Cmrd. Williams Schomer was pre-selected to join the 2019 team as the executive officer.

Navy Cmrd. Eric Doyle is expected to return as commanding officer / flight leader for the 2019 season.

Marine Corps. Maj. Jeff Mullins, Navy Lt. Cmrd. Brandon Hempler and Navy Lt. Andre Webb are expected to return as F/A 18 demonstration pilots.

C-130 demonstration pilots expected to return are Marine Maj. Mark Montgomery, Marine Maj. Kyle Maschner and Marine Capt. Beau Mabery.

The maintenance officer is expected to be Navy Lt. Garrett Hopkins. The public affairs officer is expected to be Navy Lt. David Gardner.

The new team members will officially begin their training for the 2019 show season following the Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show at Naval Air Station Pensacola Nov. 3.