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The Blue Angels Return and Big Bucks are Expected

“I bet overall it’s about 2, 3 million bucks,” one Sideline restaurant patron said.

“Over 2.1 million dollars just that weekend in spending from our locals,” says Robbie Schrock, Director of Administration, SRIA.

Everyone is doing the math: With the Blue Angels back in flight, not
only are people expecting an entertaining show, but businesses along the
boardwalk are expecting to take off.

“The Blue Angels? Oh, the impact is monumental,” one restaurant patron said.

For waitress Jamie Culvert of Sidelines, she is ready for the work.

“It’s an opportunity to not only see locals, but also people who are
coming from out of town,” Culvert said. “They are ready to see something
different: they see local restaurants, they see other businesses coming
out and supporting, and it’s a lot of Pensacola pride that come out as

Even though the show is not until the middle of July, officials are saying right now is most important.

“We’re prepping every single day, it’s about to be game time,” Schrock said. “We couldn’t be more excited.”

And so is Culvert.

“We are expecting it to be very very busy, especially Friday and
Saturday,” Culvert said. “We are expecting it to be very packed, and we
are excited to see everyone.”

Culver says she is excited for both business and the Blue Angels to soar.

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