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The Blue Angels Return To Sioux Falls Skies

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The U.S. Navy Blue Angels made a stop in Sioux Falls Tuesday morning to preview their upcoming summer show at Joe Foss Field.

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The pilots of the F-18 jet made their way here from St. Louis on
their winter tour. Currently, the pilots are training and preparing for
the season beginning in March.
Capt. Corrie Mays, Squadron Naval
Flight Officer and event coordinator with Blue Angel 8, helps behind the
scenes of the tour, and she also flies and helps narrate during the
shows. She says it’s not just about watching an exciting airshow, but
it’s about inspiring Americans and a “culture of excellence.”
hope that no matter who it is that’s watching our show over the
weekend, not only are they having a great time out there and everyone
enjoying their love for aviation, but we want to be able to really show
what teamwork can get you, what hard work can get you, and hopefully
inspire people to reach their full potential,” she said.
The Blue Angels were here previously in 2012. They will return to the Sioux Falls skies July 23 and 24

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