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$10,000 fine for drones near air show during Fleet Week

The U.S. Navy
Blue Angels fly over graduation ceremonies at the U.S. Naval Academy May
22, 2015 in Annapolis, Maryland. U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden will
give the commencement speech to this year’s graduating class.

The San Francisco
Police Department and the Federal Aviation Administration will be
working hand in hand to ban drones while imposing a $10,000 fine for
offenders during the 2015 Fleet Week which is set to happen this

Fleet Week is an important event that celebrates the efforts of the
U.S. armed forces, and the main attraction is the three-day long air
show. Drones, like birds, are a threat to aircrafts because they may
cause collisions that could lead to unintended damages and casualties on
the part of drone owners.
The danger of drones flying over and dangerously interfering with the
air performance has been taken very seriously by officials after a recent incident in
Southern California involved drones delaying the fire fighting efforts
of planes to put out a raging fire, which led to massive property
damages that could have been avoided had the drones not interfered.
There have been many more instances of drones dangerously interfering
with aerial traffic, particularly in major airports and in fire
fighting aircrafts, which is why Amazon and a NASA/Verizon partnership
are pushing with regulatory systems that will “geofence” drones by
connecting them to the Internet.
We may not expect to see these systems implemented in the near
future, but if drone owners do not practice responsible usage of their
miniature aircrafts, other agencies and companies will undoubtedly be
forced to take action against them as well
For the safety of both the pilots and spectators during Fleet Week,
the “No Drone Zone” will extend five nautical miles from the center of
the air show, according to a report on the San Francisco Chronicle.
For a complete schedule of the events, visit San Francisco Fleet Week’s official website.
Another interesting update for the event would be the arrival of the
Blue Angels, a flight demonstration squadron that consists of aviators
from both the Navy and Marines.
As in previous demonstrations, they’ll be flying the F/A-18 Hornets
and are expected to perform their trademark tight diamond formation that
will sure to impress spectators this Fleet Week.

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