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This Top 6 Blue Angels Sneak Pass List Will Make Your Ears Cheer


We’re Here To Help With Your Jet Noise Withdrawal Avgeekery Nation!

Now that the US Navy’s Blue Angels are in hibernation for the winter, their 2017 show season complete, Avgeekery Nation is suffering from jet noise withdrawal. We heard your tortured cries friends, so we pieced together some of the finest of Blue Angel sneak pass clips over the last few years and put them all together in one place. Now please turn those speakers up way beyond a responsible neighborly level before you click play! And as always…nice vapes!

Official US Navy photograph

6.) Fleet Week 2007 in San Fran

At #6, we step all the way back to 2007 for this three-peat clip uploaded by gripen68 in which we see three sneak passes for the price of one from Fleet Week 2007 in San Francisco.

5.) Fleet Week 2010 in San Fran

At #5, this clip uploaded by wittmann51 features one of the most impressive sneak passes from the Blue Angels seemingly flying between waves in San Francisco Bay during Fleet Week 2010.

4.) Super Sneaky Pass From July 2016

At #4 we head to Florida for this clip uploaded to YouTube by AviationFreak#1 for a very sneaky sneak pass during Pensacola Beach Blue Angels performance from July 2016.

3.) Three-Peat Pass on Blue Angels Home Turf

At #3 we have another three-peat! Here are three of the hottest sneak passes ever flown by the Blues. Uploaded by Holden’s Airshow Video Media, the footage was shot during the Blues performances over Pensacola Beach July 2017.

2.) Wisconsin Special

Coming in at #2 is this clip uploaded by AirshowStuffVideos featuring sneak passes shot during a Blue Angels performance at EAA AirVenture 2017.

1.) Welcome Home Blue Angels

And at #1 we have this clip, also uploaded by our good friends at AirshowStuffVideos, of Blue Angels 5 and 6 doing their last sneak passes of the 2017 season at the NAS Pensacola Homecoming Airshow.

070523-N-0593C-004 ANNAPOLIS, Md., (May 23, 2007) Blue Angel #5 performs a sneak pass just below the speed of sound along the Severn River in Annapolis, Md. Their performance was one of a series of events leading up the graduation and commissioning of the Naval Academy Class of 2007. Other special events included performances from the Marine Barracks Washington Silent Drill Platoon and the U.S. Naval Academy Pipes and Drums. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Michael Croft (RELEASED)
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