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U.S. Navy Blue Angels return to Maine in air show

Blue Angels fly over Brunswick Executive Airport 
in the Great State of Maine Air Show.

BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — The Great State of Maine Air
Show returned to Brunswick Executive Airport for the first time since
2012 this week.
The air show was the first time the U.S. Navy Blue
Angels performed in Maine since 2011, and the first time ever that a
U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor performed in Maine.
“We’ve got some of
the best civilian air pilots in the world here. There’s lots of stuff to
see on the ground, up in the air, a great place for the family, and I
can’t say enough about this weather,” said air show spokesperson Herb
In addition to the Blue Angels and the Raptor, there were
many smaller military planes, and a “jetcart,” a car with a jet engine
attached, that can reach speeds up to 400 miles per hour.
Auburn native Kenneth Cote says he has never missed an air show.
“From 8 years old up to 61 years old, I still come to the air show, I’ve never missed a one,” said Cote.
suffers from a type of chronic bronchitis that affects his lungs, which
prevented him from serving in the military. Instead, he dedicated his
life to the United States Navy Blue Angels.
photographs — I’ve got all kinds of souvenirs,” said Cote, who brought a
photo album with previous pictures from trips to air shows to see the
Blue Angels.
Ken had his childhood dream come true years ago when the Blue Angels visited Maine in 2011.
got to sit in the cockpit, and meet the Lieutenant Commander. Memories
he says he cherishes, especially after he was diagnosed with terminal
“This is all my life is seeing the smiles on the kids and the Blue Angels flying,” said Cote.
heard people describe aviation as a metaphor for life, and you
particularly see that in the eyes of some of these kids that come out.
When they see that airplane take off and go inverted, and they think to
themselves, wow, someday, I want to do that,” said Gillen.
Ken knows he will not live forever, but is able to temporarily block out negativity to enjoy air shows.
day-by-day, and when they have the airshow, I’m just enjoying it —
loving it — and it’s a beautiful show that everyone’s going to enjoy,
and I enjoy it too,” said Cote.
Ken plans to travel to Pensacola, Florida to visit the Blue Angels museum, and says he will bring all of his memorabilia.