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Vero Beach residents will get buzzed by Blue Angels jet Monday

Members of the Blue Angels demo team will fly into the Vero Beach Municipal Airport on Monday morning for a visit prior to the upcoming Vero Beach Air Show in 2016.

VERO BEACH — Residents will get a preview of next year’s Vero Beach Air Show when the Blue Angels roar into town Monday.
The iconic Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, who are expected to perform at the air show scheduled for June 25-26, 2016, are stopping by the Vero Beach Regional Airport at 3400 Cherokee Drive for a meeting in preparation for the air show.
Lt. Tyler Davies and Capt. Corrie Mays, both new to the Blue Angels, are expected to fly one of their F/A-18 aircraft to Vero Beach at 8:50 a.m. from their home base in Pensacola, said Vero Beach Air Show spokeswoman Jan Binney. The Blue Angels are visiting all 2016 show sites to conduct preshow briefings with local air show staff.
Residents in the area surrounding the airport should be able to hear and see the jet landing and taking off, Binney said.
After meeting with the media Monday morning, the Blue Angels plan to have a closed meeting with air show staff, hotel and rental car representatives, the Federal Aviation Administration liaison, air traffic controllers, law enforcement and emergency representatives, key volunteers and members of the air show board.
The Blue Angels then will tour the airfield and attend a working lunch with a few air show staff before they take off from Vero Beach at 1:30 p.m.
Last year was the first time the elite team performed in Vero Beach, and the air show took place May 10-11, 2014.
Binney said the reason the Vero Beach Air Show is taking place later in the year in 2016 is because that is what the Blue Angels offered the air show, so officials accepted it.
“We are aware that the weather will be hot and rainy and (we are) doing everything we can, such as providing misting stations and one or more air-conditioned tents to help attendees cope with the heat,” she said.
For more information about the Vero Beach Air Show, go to www.VeroAirShow.com.


Highest maneuver: Vertical roll, which can reach up to 15,000 feet
Lowest maneuver: Sneak pass, which can be near 50 feet
Fastest speed: about 700 mph (just under Mach 1)
Slowest speed: about 120 mph
Maximum rate of climb: 30,000 feet per minute
Basic price of a single F/A-18 A Hornet: approximately $21 million
Pilots’ average age: 33
Named after: a nightclub called Blue Angel, written up in a 1946 issue of New Yorker Magazine
Proximity: Blue Angels F/A-18 aircraft fly within 18 inches of each other during their Diamond 360 maneuver
Aircraft conversion: Blue Angels’ jets can be made combat ready in about 72 hours. Team members are volunteers and do not get extra pay.
Sonic boom: Although the Boeing F/A-18 Hornet can reach speeds just under Mach 2 — almost twice the speed of sound or about 1,400 mph — the Blue Angels are not authorized to exceed the speed of sound at a show. Spectators mistake the sound of engines at a high power setting for a sonic boom.

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