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Will fog ground the Huntington Beach air show?

The famous Blue Angels perform practice flybys over Huntington Beach on Thursday September 28, 2017, for the second annual Breathing Huntington Beach Airshow Photo by Gene Blevins/LA DailyNews

If the fog that forced cancellation of the Friday rehearsal of the Breitling Huntington Beach Airshow persists, all or parts of the show may have to be canceled or shortened Saturday and Sunday.

“As far as we’re concerned the show is going on until Mother Nature tells us otherwise,” said Barbara Caruso, publicist for the show.

Caruso said show organizers will be keeping tabs with the National Weather Service. If there is fog and it takes until early afternoon to burn off, she said, the show might be adjusted, “with the focus on the Blue Angels and Snowbirds.”

David Houk, a senior meteorologist with Accuweather.com said predicting when and exactly where fog will break up is a tricky matter.

“It’s hard to predict the details,” he said. “A lot of times it comes down to the subtleties of the nowcast.”

Generally, Houk said, a low-pressure trough from the Pacific Northwest has caused a shift in the weather pattern. He said he expected Saturday and Sunday to start off foggy, with a greater likelihood Saturday that the fog will burn off early to patchy low clouds, and the cloud pattern being a little more stubborn on Sunday.

However, the National Weather Service forecast for Saturday is “areas of dense fog before 11 a.m., otherwise cloudy, then gradually becoming mostly sunny”; and on Sunday, “patchy fog before 11 a.m., otherwise, cloudy, then gradually becoming mostly sunny.”

Organizers say they will have updates during show days on their Facebook page, facebook.com/hbairshow. People interested in seeing the weather conditions live can visit hbcams.com or surfline.com

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