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Winging it with the Blue Angels

Seventeen officers serve on a volunteer basis with the Blue Angels. In a typical year, the team chooses three tactical (fighter or fighter/attack) jet pilot, two support officers and a Marine Corps C-130 pilot to replace team members who depart.

The Blue Angels’ team for this summer’s Pensacola Beach Air Show include the following:

1. Cmdr. Ryan J. Bernacchi, flight leader and commanding officer. U.S.N. from Los Altos, Calif.

2. Lt. Damon Kroes, right wing. U.S.N. from Fremont, Calif.

3. Lt. Nate Scott, left wing. U.S.N. from Danville, Calif.

4. Lt. Lance Benson, slot. U.S.N. from McPherson, Kan.

5. Cmdr. Frank Weisser, lead solo. U.S.N. from Atlanta.

6. Lt. Tyler Davies, opposing solo. U.S.N. from Kennesaw, Ga. 7. Lt. Brandon Hempler, narrator. U.S.N. from Warnego, Kan. 8. Lt. Dave Steppe, events coordinator. U.S.N. from Birmingham, Ala.

9. Cmdr. Matt Kaslik, executive officer. U.S.N. from The Woodlands, Texas.

10. Major Mark Hamilton, C-130 “Fat Albert” pilot. U.S.M.C., Becker, Minn.

11. Major Mark Montgomery, C-130 “Fat Albert” pilot. U.S.M.C., Cartersville, Ga.

12. Major Kyle Maschner, C-130 “Fat Albert” pilot. U.S.M.C., Scottsdale, Ariz.

13. Lt. Samuel Rose, maintenance officer. U.S.N., Whitehouse, Texas.

14. Lt. Juan Guerra, flight surgeon. U.S.N., Ocala, Fla.

15. Lt. Bryan Pace, supply officer. U.S. N., Cambridge, Mass.

16. Lt. Joe Hontz, public affairs officer. U.S.N., Longmont, Colo.

17. Lt. j.g. Timothy Hawkins, administrative officer. U.S.N., Scranton, Pa.

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