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WITN reporter takes to the skies with Blue Angels

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The Cherry Point Air Show is just days away where an estimated 250,000 people will have their eyes on the sky to watch amazing stunts and maneuvers.

From take off to landing, the Blue Angels fly at high speeds doing all types of maneuvers. Wednesday, WITN’s own Stacia Strong joined them in the sky.

“It’s an absolutely amazing experience, its kind of speechless for me to be able to be the pilot to give you a once in a lifetime experience,” Lt. Tyler Davies, the pilot of jet #7, tells Stacia. “Every flight is a little bit different, every person is a little bit different.”

The Blue Angels are some of the only pilots who can pull over 7 G’s without a g-suit and it didn’t take long before Stacia was feeling the effects of the massive pressure they feel doing those amazing stunts fans have come to know and love.

“She was a lot of fun, she was smiling the whole time, she was laughing she had a blast, there were a couple of sleepy moments there, but she did a really good job,” Davies says about Stacia’s trip.

​Stacia says it was definitely hard work to keep the blood flow moving throughout her body so that she could stay awake to enjoy those beautiful views.

She’s not the only one getting the flight of a lifetime. Two local communities members are also getting this chance Thursday.

“For me as the pilot in command of the aircraft, it’s absolutely a speechless environment to be able to provide that experience,” Davies says.

Davies will be walking the audience through the high-paced performance of the other six Blue Angel jets on Saturday and Sunday of this year’s Cherry Point Air Show.

The air show starts on Friday with a night show.

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