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Beachgoers take part in Breakfast with the Blues

Red, White and Blues week has officially started. Wednesday morning Pensacola Beach was packed for Breakfast with the Blues.

It’s a tradition for many families. Every year on the Wednesday before the Pensacola Beach Air Show, they practice for about two hours.

Many fans have seen them multiple times already. It seems each year the Blue Angels only get better.

Randy Wilson has seen them many times.

“They are just such thrilling. They bring up all kind of emotions, how they protect and serve, their precision, and dedication to hard work,” Wilson said.

For others it was their first time seeing the Blues.

Tara Carlsrud said, “We were stationed in Europe. We only got to see them on TV; so neat to come here and see it live.”

While it’s entertaining, Wednesday’s practice serves a purpose. It makes sure everyone is ready.

“We are glad fans came out, but our sole purpose is to get familiarized with the area,” Public Information Officer for the Blue Angels Lt. Joe Hontz said. “So the diamond came out first to get checkmarks needed to do the maneuvers all the week.”

Twice as many lifeguards will be out on the beach on Friday and Saturday. It’s all hands on deck for public works employees.

The Santa Rosa Island Authority is asking people to get there early because they expect Casino Beach parking lot to be full by 8 a.m. There are free trolleys at Park East and Park West that will shuttle people back and forth.