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Blue Angels begin 70th anniversary celebration

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The Blue Angels have been gone for three months, honing their skills and getting ready for a new season.
Started in 1946, the Blue Angels have been doing the unbelievable for 70 years. “We’re normal people doing extraordinary things is how I would characterize it,” says pilot Lt. Matt Suyderhoud. “I think it shows to the young kids on the crowd line work hard, rely on the people around you and you can get it done.”

Hundreds packed the atrium at the Naval Aviation Museum to catch a glimpse or just say, thank you. “I’m very thankful and appreciative to our men and women that serve and protect our country so we can all live in the land of the free and I’m trying to instill that in my nephews,” says Raina Melville.

This will be a busy season according to lead solo pilot Lt. Ryan Chamberlain. “From the weekend after Easter we have a weekend off August 8-9, to recharge our batteries, until November 10. So we get two weekends off between now and then. We will be in Key West weekend after next and then it’s off to the races.”

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