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Blue Angels make appearance over St. Louis skies

The Blue Angels

BERKELEY, Mo. — The Blue Angels made an appearance over the Bi-State’s skies Wednesday morning.
employees and 15 students from the Riverview Gardens school district
got to see the heralded planes land near Boeing’s offices.
June, Boeing sponsored a trip for those students to visit the National
Flight Academy in Pensacola, Florida. that is also the home base of the
Blue Angels.
The students, who are also in the ROTC, spent six
whole days living aboard the world’s largest simulated aircraft carrier.
Riverview Gardens High School Senior Paris Moore said her experience in
the ROTC and Pensacola has left here interested in pursuing aviation
management as a major in college.
“I’m really into aviation,” she said. “I didn’t know there were so many options.”
Captain Tom Frosch said he was happy to inspire students like Moore.
we get a chance to inspire one kid to follow their dreams, whether it
be to fly, or be a mechanic, or a garbageman, it’s an opportunity for us
to just spread that message of striving for excellence,” he said.
Boeing said it was also happy to help students at Riverview Gardens.
are always encouraging folks to study subjects like science and math
because those are the kind of folks we need in the future,” said Megan
Davies, the director of global corporate citizenship for the Boeing
Defense Business.