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The Blue Angels: Practice Makes Perfect

The Blue Angels are ready to start flying here at Naval Air station in Pensacola, but first practice makes perfect.

Over the tops of trees and power lines, the Blue Angels, fly over Pensacola for their first at-home practice of the season.

Also another first for the Nicholson family, catching the blues.

“Just how close you can get to them, when their speeding by you, and just the fact that them being able to do all those maneuvers so tightly and their going so fast it’s just amazing,” says Jeffery Nicholson.

They are not alone when it comes to thinking the six pilots are amazing, hundreds of cars roll through the gates and line the streets waiting for that perfect moment, and perfect glimpse to see the F/A 18’s fly in their famous diamond formation along with the accompanying solos. It’s a rare sight that even the youngest spectator can appreciate.

“How they did the barrel rolls, at like 7-hundred miles per hour, right over our heads,” says 10 year-old Davis Nicholson.

While they don’t seem to mind the noise, seeing the Blue Angels practice for a show, this family says they will be back.

“If they’re here, we’re going to try to make it out here, cause this is something that’s really fun to watch,” says Nicholson.

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