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Blue Angels: ‘Smyrna sets the bar’

A double-rainbow over Smyrna suggested a final approval a few hours after the conclusion of the rain-washed, aerial incident-free Great Tennessee Air Show at the Smyrna/Rutherford County airport.

The centerpiece performance at the air show was the United States Navy Blue Angels Aerial Demonstration Squadron, with six high-performance F/A-18c Hornet aircraft and their crews all Navy Blue and Gold perfection in the skies over Smyrna.

The rain dictated The Low Show for the Blue Angels, under the clouds, lower, closer and louder. The aerial show weaved in and out of approximately 40 minutes total of rain delays, when visibility dropped below the 1,000 feet minimums.

Smyrna Airport General Manager John Black said, “It was a fantastic weekend. On Saturday, it rained for about a 40-minute delay, but no problem, the rain passed through,” he said. “It’s all about the smiles on all the kids’ faces, the people who came to enjoy the show. That’s why we do it. It makes a difference in people’s lives.”

“This show is now one for the books,” Black said. “Planning is already underway for the next Great Tennessee Air Show, scheduled for 2021, on a two-year rotation.”

The Smyrna Airport has sponsored an Air Show since 1970. The presenting sponsor for the 2019 airshow was Nissan.

Smyrna Town Manager Brian Hercules refers to the swirl of events surrounding the Air Show as “Air Show Week,” which started with the “fantastic” Blue Angels-themed Top Gun Night Run, funding the maintenance for the Captain Jeff Kuss, USMC memorial.

Hercules said that on Saturday night, the Blue Angels Public Affairs Officer told him, “Smyrna sets the bar,” for air show preparation and execution.

“I really appreciate hearing that,” he said. “I just can’t say enough about our town staff, and the airport authority, and all the surrounding communities coming together to help with the safety,” he said.