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Blue Angels visit East Tennessee boy hurt in car crash

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TELLICO PLAINS, Tenn. (WVLT)- The Blue Angels are in town for the Smoky Mountain Air Show but they also took out time to visit a fan who couldn’t get to them.

Bobby Holt lives in Tellico Plains. His son, James, was badly hurt in a car wreck and is still recovering. Bobby posted on Facebook hoping the Angels would hear his request and they did.

On Saturday Bobby posted:

“Well just got surprise of our life. The Blue Angels come by to see James just a few minutes ago,” the post said.

“It was just about James. God works in ways we do not understand I know a lot have been trying to make this happen, and I thank you for it, but God took over and made it happen. Just another sign that he is saying “I got this”. We love you all and thank you for the prayers … I guess the Blue Angels will be the next “history” trip we make. We will have to let him thank them in person once he is better.”

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