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Blues complete first practice of the 2017 season

What brings hundreds of strangers, locals and visitors alike together twice a week each spring ?

They need no introduction. In these parts they are simply known as “The Blues”. This was their first official practice of the 2017 season, much to delight of people like Earl Altmeyer.

“They are very, very impressive. I love those formations, those turns. I understand they are about 18 inches apart at times.”

For some, the first time is special. But getting a dose of the streaking, twists and turns of the classic F-18 Hornets is something that never gets old. And the word gets around

“My grandparents told me about them. because they come down here every year. and they come watch them every year,” said Emily Prettyman, Blues spectator.

The hour-long practices let the team sharpen their skills but to these folks, practice or show, it’s a spectacle. They just love to soak in.

Debbie Naylor has been doing it 14 years and now is a volunteer here.

“I love every minute of it. The people’s enthusiasm is incredible. The Blue Angels are such and incredible group of young people. They are so good with individuals and a wonderful example of our young people today,” said Naylor.

If you missed this one, you’re in luck. The bi-weekly appearances will last until November.

Just click here to connect to their practice schedule.

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